The Scott Spino Literacy Program was established in 2005 and started at School 22, where volunteers would provide books and read those books with the children. Since then and with the support of each of our unselfish volunteers, the reading program has expanded to over 19 schools throughout our community. The Literacy Program’s success can only be attributed to the dedication, the support, the thoughtfulness and love of each of our volunteers. Your willingness to give your time to help support this program has created a unique and one of a kind success story within our community. Please take pride in knowing there is no other program that compares to this one.

Each month, as you so willingly participate in this program, I feel blessed, amazed, humbled and extremely grateful that you give up time from your busy schedule to share the gift of happiness and love to so many children. You may not realize it but you do make a difference in the life of a child by listening, inspiring, coaching and helping them grow not only in their reading skills but skills that will help them throughout their lives They will remember this experience and they will be grateful to a person who cared enough to share the gift of time with them. Often it is difficult for me to tell who loves and benefits from this program more – if smiles were the deciding factor, you and the children would both be winners.

So I want to end this school year with my thanks for your dedication to the Literacy Program. You are the foundation that has made it a success. You are love in motion that makes my heart happy, as well as the heart of a child, and for that I am forever grateful.
Please enjoy this picture knowing you ARE responsible for those smiles

Picture taken June 5, 2019

Thank you for filling my heart and their hearts with love and happiness.